Thursday, 16 February 2012

Olle Eksell

A Swedish graphic designer Olle Eksell. My new book just came in the post full of stuff, from book sleeves and posters to pattern design. Yet again pictures not doing justice, perhaps I should try and get my scanner working!
I like the contrast in Eksell's work between the black line and patterned areas and the edgeless block colour – not feeling the need to colour everything in. As I do not speak swedish I may perhaps miss some of the gags, though still pretty to look at and touch the contrasting papers, and smell its newness!

Monday, 13 February 2012

Shaun Tan

While we are looking at books; from picture books by Shaun Tan. He has used mainly oils and acrylic with the additional use of collage and pencil of the third image. I like the colour, the light the imagination.

Ways of getting down type

I have chosen the song "This tornado loves you" by Neko Case to design packaging for. The key words I am using to help me based on my interpretation of the song are: desperation, passion, longing, power, fast and destruction. I have been looking at mainly finding ways to get down type. I feel that the hand drawn, or sketchy/damaged printed type reflect the type of passion i want to get across with my piece. The collage format is also another consideration as it seems to give a similar mood.
Ironically, below the image doesn't have the sense of urgency you might expect, though I like the aesthetic.