Thursday, 14 February 2013

Animation Inspiration

I am looking at infographic animations for ideas on tone of voice and aesthetic for my animation. I am also interested in the way one screen can merge interestingly into the next screen and a new pocket of information.

Loud Voices pt. 1 - Laguna San Ignacio

I have selected this video as I like the visual aesthetic. It is a quite slow paced (slower than the animation I imagine creating) however the camera moves across the scene to show different pockets of information. I like the fact the type pops like bubbles underwater. It becomes part of the animation rather than an overlay.

All of the Presidential Election

This animation has a really interesting flow. Things spin, pop, bounce and slide in and out of the frame and objects transform into one another. The circular axis that has been created in the centre not only allows things to spin around it; elements are able to shrink into the centre and expand into something else. The animation has a happy positive feel to it, however, it is in a foreign language so I cannot tell how the information relates to the image.

Herman Miller - This is You

I have seen this animation before so it must have stuck in my mind. It is really simple and effective. Elements in the image have a cut out, rough-edged feel making it seem personal. This is appropriate for the theme of the video which focuses on the audience - 'you' - making oneself better off by coming to work for Herman Miller. This also gives the animation a feeling of eco friendliness which is also raised within the clip. There is a repeated use of the word 'this' as simple objects flash into view which seems to work. The movement within mimics the speed and tone of the voiceover- an important thing to think about.

This Is Dare

This is another self promotion video like the Herman Miller video above. Instead though, cleaner lines are used and digital text. This reflects the fact it is a design company, focusing on the digital. The camera pans in the clip which again makes each piece of information flow on from the last. It creates a sense of dynamic as although it is the camera that panned, the text seems to be on its side. Through all these videos (perhaps excluding the first) I notice a sense of rhythm. Slowing things down and speeding them up again creates interest. 'This is Dare' is full of facts and figures which have been made visual and therefore interesting through kinetic typography, symbols and illustrations.