Sunday, 29 September 2013

Thomas Prior. Photographs

I loved looking at Prior's blog, here are some photos from his blog and website. The blog is like a photographic diary, often images that capture textures, shapes and moods during travels.

and something a little brighter...

Caught by the Nest

I was looking at the arts/culture/lifestyle blog and saw the post about duo Kai and Sunny project "Caught by the Nest." 's calaboration with graphic artist Shepard Fairey (Obey). 
'This series of pieces looks at elements of the natural world through an abstraction of geometrical patterns, rendered in impressive large-scale installations and screen prints infused with copper and “stardust”.' -WeHeart 
The project is inspired by 'The reason I Jump' a Japanese novel by Naoki Higashida  (translated by author David Mitchell) which tells a story of an autistic teenager who finds comfort in nature.
'The pair has joined forces with graphic artist extraordinaire Shepard Fairey on two versions of an image in which the central core of Shepard’s “Obey” star bursts outwards in a flower pattern. As Shepard says the luminosity of the metallic pigments needs to be seen in person.'-WeHeart

I love the variety of tone that is built up in these prices, whilst still being black and white images as opposed to grey scale. I think this, along with the sharp, graphic style makes for bold, high impact pieces.

Friday, 27 September 2013

Changing Logos

We are currently working on a live brief to design an identity for a new auction house. I came across these logos in the book 'No Rules Logos by John Stone.' I have decided to try out my own ideas for a varying logo which will include many objects found in an auction house. Obviously this type of logo will be a challenge to create as it will still need to be recognisable. At the moment I am thinking of working around a circle as a base and figuring out a style appropriate for all of the variations.  I think the idea has potential for GIF images and categories when I take my idea onto some web layouts and stationary.