Thursday, 21 November 2013

Developping a Logo / Hand Drawn Type

In this project I will create the branding for a fictional chilli festival. The project gives me the potential to create all sorts of promotional material and items for the festival itself, including, a logo,website, tickets, banners, merchandise etc. As the subject matter relates to food I wanted to try a natural image for the branding which will showcase a 'local' festival. 

I came up with the idea of using hand drawn type.  I began by copying a few words of a slab serif typeface and creating Mexican style pattern over the text. I then scanned it in and cleaned it up in Illustrator. (Image 1) 

A recent blog post I made shows a food poster which had a chopping board as the central point. I took this as inspiration and experimented with combining a wooden texture, along with my photographs and hand drawn type. (Image 2)

As a result of this I decided to use Clarendon as a base for a full typeface so I traced over the lettering and added patterns. Again, I cleaned this up in Illustrator. (Image 4 & 5) Finally, I combined the ideas and played around to design a logo for the festival. (image 6 & 7)

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

The Art of Being Odd

This was a small project which could be ongoing. I thought of personality/physical traits about myself and had to make one of those visual. The idea is to get us thinking about ways to make ourselves stand out in the industry by discovering "what makes me, me?" or "what makes me odd?"

I chose to visually show the fact that I am always asking questions, my desire to know more. I create some hand drawn type to make the piece feel personal. 

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Quentin Jones

I have looked back at some old posts and unfortunately some of the links to images I have previously used when blogging have been changed. So I got looking at Quentin Jones and again and have found some stuff I haven't seen before. There are also some interesting moving image work on her website:

Photographing Chillies

My current project is "everything about one thing" and my "thing" is chillies. Today I have photographed different chillies as I am after some imagery for the imaginary Fiery Food Festival I am going to be designing for. Here are the results of some of my experimentation.

Monday, 11 November 2013

Laidlaws Corporate Branding

Thought I would make a post showing the outcomes of the typographical experiments I posted recently.

This is the corporate identity I came up with for a new auction house in Carlisle. The house will sell a vast range of items including furniture, antiques and modern collectables. Many objects will pass through the auction and this is reflected in my changing logo design. The circular typeface and use of circular objects show the cyclic nature of the objects passing from one person to the next.

FURTHER CHANGES - I want to use my blog to show work in progress. Moving on from what you see above, the images below show the final versions of the Laidlaw's branding. Available at


Catching My Eye

 I was looking for some inspiration today, conceptual design typography and things that caught my eye. So here is a bit of what I found. These first projects were found in the DESIGN ANNUAL 2013.

Above: Panera had recently reduced the amount of time the food took from farm to table. The brief was to "communicate freshness without relying on a dry fact based shell." TOKY Branding had the idea "The Return of Summer."
The use of colour here really communicates the freshness and reminds us of summer fruits/salads. The typography is letterpress or letterpress style print, it gives it a personal, hand rendered feel as though the same attention is put on preparing the food/drinks.

Below is a collection of spreads from AS IF Magazine's premier issue. I have chosen them as I love the cross between photography and illustration here. The textures layered over the images add depth and a sense of magic almost. Design Firm: IF studio.

Below is the type for an editorial spread about a man who had been burnt in a fire. The textured type entwined with smoke captures the subject matter.

This below is for Members Magazine. This is particularly relevant to my current project for ISTD. The objects are cleverly turned into typographical pieces that represent the objects. The colours are reflected as are the shapes and the general feeling of the images i.e feminine oriental, geometric, warm.

Below: "To combat the hotels rising energy costs from cleaning and water, Hard Rock Hotel San Diego tasked MiresBall with designing a program that was accessible, memorable and in sync with the hotel's edgy brand."-Design Annual. The design here is bold and humorous appropriate for the audience. The white and black not only matched the colour scheme of the rooms but made it easier for the mades to spot who wanted their rooms cleaned.

Ways to treat type (above.)

All of the examples below are from a digital arts communication design magazine. Unfortunetly I do not have the names of all the designers here.

Below: Ortiz Design (design firm)

TAXI Canada Ltd (ad agency) below

Below: Bags for a gift shop. Yound and Laramore (ad agency)
AESTHETIC (below) - I just pulled this one out because I found it interesting to look at.