Thursday, 5 July 2012


Tom Carnase

Type designer known for designing the typeface Avant Garde alongside Herb Lubalin and and the logos for Calvin Klein, Revlon and Brooks Brothers. 

I particularly like the piece above with the lettering almost dancing across page; the fine swirls ensuring not too much white space is left. The type on the word "eighty" would seem heavy if it weren't for the extremely fine strokes which contrast the bolder ones. This variation in stroke mimics the typeface on the left meaning they fit well together. Very feminine. 

Above the letters are cleverly positioned so that they flow into one another. This makes the type look more like a picture which catches the eye by creating both interesting positive and negative space. The viewer is drawn in by the filled counter of the "O" possibly reading the type after looking at the type as a whole.

The logo above is very dynamic with its strong underline and bar of the F combined with the italic type.  The choice of the black background with white texts steadies the lettering and holds it all together.

More femininity.

Cafeteria - CBS building

In 1966 a 35ft by 8ft wall was designed and crafted by Lou Dorfsman with Herb Lubalin and Tom Carnase in the cafeteria of the CBS building, New York. The wall consisted of varied typefaces; carved from wood; listing the types of foods available to customers. The wall was removed in the 90s.

I love how the 3D type gives texture and shadow. It makes it readable all in white as colour would have been too busy with so many typefaces. The variation can sit so well together as each piece of type fits snugly within a unique box. The combination of vertical and horizontal text, square and rectangular spaces add even more interest/variation.