Monday, 13 August 2012

Mixed Media

Got the day/morning off work whilst I wait for the postman. Been looking at these fascinating editorial pieces created by Quentin Jones. The first two are a collaboration with Rankin for The Hunger Magazine and the two that follow are a pull out cover for Nylon Japan. The work is playful and shocking (or more surprising.) The models are often used to create angular shapes and/or crisp edges which contrast some of the fluid brush marks and typography. 

On the second image down the photographer has captured the curves of the model, also adding to the dark curvy silhouette with collaging. In this instance the typography creates the angular contrast with its cut-out block style. It sits nicely with the curves as it has been cut out from a very curvy pattern and the subtle flicks of blue within the image keep with the blue in the pattern. In terms of colour in general in these pieces, I love the use of neutral (but not grayscale) colours which are thrown off with a bolder colour or two which really stand out.

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