Thursday, 10 October 2013

Puma Mobium

At the moment we are working on a website design brief and I have been looking at Parallax websites (websites that have layers scrolling all over the place) - I'm trying to weigh them up. I often find myself leaving these sites as they can be hard to navigate.

Puma Mobium is a pair of running shoes. The website is one that really stands out, and yes it is a bit confusing. It is more of a campaign - a talking point, than a functional website. The site features interactive videos that show the design and testing of the shoe. Users click on links which appear to be integrated into the video playing in the background. The main interactive feature is when you click the like "enter the studio." This allows the users to click and drag a man running in the shoes and watch him move forwards, backwards, fast or slow. You kind of need to look at it see what I'm talking about! The site links up to the easy to navigate Puma website so you can buy the shoes.

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