Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Stefan Sagmeister - Things I Have Learned

Stumbled upon this in the library whilst looking for books about colour last week, yet it fits in nicely with the Tactile lecture we were given yesterday.

I found it interesting initially due to the format; a sleeve containing around 15 small inner booklets. Each booklet has a different cover which if placed at the front, can be revealed by the cut out holes of Sagmeister's face featured on the sleeve. The booklet covers vary largely, from a photograph of a acne covered back to an illustrative pattern of a lizard caught up in a pineapple plant! The booklets have no chronological order as they are simply "Lessons" shown through typography, photography and more. This makes the cover interchangeable.

Worrying solves nothing

Cleverly created using 25,000 black and 35,000 white coat hangers. "Four hangers were bound together with wire fasteners to form a square; six of these completed squares formed a cube; and the cubes in turn formed pixels". Each letter is 10 feet high and the sentence measures 125 feet.

Drugs are fun in the beginning, but become a drag later on

Here the lesson was revealed page by page.

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